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Snapchat is a very popular chat application that is available on Android and iOS platform. The application allows its users to send photos to other users easily as well as quickly. Unlike other messaging services, offers its users an option to set the time limit of the photos that they are sending.This time limit can vary from 1 second to 10 seconds after which the photo expires and gets deleted from the receiver’s device as well as from the database too. This feature eliminates the constant fear of embarrassment of your picture finding a way t social media or internet.

The application was developed by two students of Stanford University, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. Both of the students understood that emoticons as well as texts are not enough to properly transfer the emotions to one another and sharing photos could turn out to be embarrassing if they get uploaded on the internet.

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So in order to deal with these problems a time limited sharing of photo application was developed. You can download the application directly from you app store and then you need to register or login on the application.

After that Snapchat accesses all the contacts stored on your mobile phone and finds out your friends that use this chat application. After the successful login, you can click any picture from your Smartphone, edit it and share it easily with your friends by selecting the timer between 1 to 10 seconds.

Once the receiver receives the photo, he or she has only the time allotted by you to see the photo and after that the photo self destructs.

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Although the application effectively removes some of the monitoring headache from their head but still one cannot prevent leaking of photos permanently. However, the photo send by the sender self destructs automatically, but one cannot prevent the receiver from taking the snapshot of the photo message received and then saving it on his or her device.

Also the message does not remain for the long time so it is not sure that all the receivers will be able to read the message you have sent to them.

The bottom line is that Snapchat is a fun as well as an engaging application when used properly and carefully with some basic ground rules. The application is a very good method of sharing emotions with one another but at the same time the parents need to be cautious about how their children are using this application and monitor their activity so that they can prevent problems like cyber stalking, and cyber bullying etc. rest all the features of Snapchat are really awesome and will keep you busy and connected with others for long.

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One of the disadvantages of the app is that if someone is busy and not able to check the message he or she receives in 10 seconds, the message is lost or automatically deleted. But this may also raise some of the concerns as the message is deleted but can’t prevent the used from taking a screen shot from the device and thus saving the photo.

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