Shockrooms Review – Live Video Chat Rooms is a website where you can chat (video or text) to many people with great ease. You can enter any chat room from the available ones which show up on your homepage under the tab “Live chat“.

The pointed to be noted is that you do not even need a registration or sign up for it. You can login as a guest without even registering yourself.  Simply click on the one which interests you and voila. You are through.

You cannot go with the chat rooms which have a lock in front of them. You do not have to worry in the case too. There are just too less of them. The number of guys and girls in a particular chat room can also be known.

It is great place to make new friends or video chat with existing ones. One can enter in one to one chat as well. Once you are into a chat room, you can click and see the videos of people who have put their cams on.

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The above paragraph is what the developer and people like us think. The thought behind this site has been exploited so much so that it has become a center for hunters hunting for live stuff. There is no regulation for anything.

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Even a 10 year old kid could join a chat room and get the access to those crudities which the parents cannot think about at all. Thankfully there is a feature of “parental access control” under which parents can put a child lock on this site so that minors cannot  use it and happen to cross their limits due to their volcanic hormonal changes.

Another good thing is the host of the chartroom monitors groups on personal level and keep blocking the people who use profanities. If you want to try something wild today then go on. Here you can get the best and the worst both without even revealing your identity.

You can login with a completely different name each time but make sure you do it in your senses because people out there might be recording things. Plus everyone gets to know whose video one is viewing. So, have fun but think twice before you turn your cam on.

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  1. A great place to find more video chat sites similar to shockrooms is at chat room area. A listing of all cam to cam chat sites.

  2. BEWARE especially I was on here for a bit,seems ok at first but scratch the surface and if you have got even half a brain you will see rascism,bullying,chauvanism and sheer nastiness is rife and some room hosts actively encourage it.Beware of the cliques and the mods are even friends with some of the manipulative bullies.There are far nicer adult sites than this.

  3. the review about shockrooms is misleading the hosts of a lot of rooms allow profanity, bullying and rascism and the site is poorly regulated.

  4. Absolutely horrible site,especially the OMG room.One of the chatters nickname “RANDOM07” usually highlighted in red in that room constantly bullies women and makes rascist comments,he also goes to other rooms and attacks others for no reason,someone ought to check his chat history.There are plenty of other idiots as well,how is a chat? site like this still in existence where the chatters constantly go against the site terms.

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