Chatroulette banned IP: How to Get Unbanned

Chatroulette introduced a new interface which has report feature. People can report about bad behavior with the help of report button. Most of the users do spam on chatroulette during video chat. People directly report about spamming user to chatroulette. So it’s natural to get ban report by chatroulette. Chatroulette will ban IP of such a users.

People changes IP or does other things, but they unable to unbanned IP. Now they start looking for solution on internet. I have searched on Google and found a trick to unban on chatroulette. So, today I am going to tell you how to get unbanned from chatroulette.

Follow two simple Steps to get unbanned From Chatroulette.

1. Open Adobe Player Setting link from your browser –

chatroulette ban ip

2. In Website storage panel as shown in above image, you will find list of visited websites. From the list, select and delete the website. Now you can use chatroulette for random chat.

Another Short Chatroulette Trick:

To remove chatroulette Ban, log on adult mode and deactivate safe mode.

Chatroulette tips for not to get banned.

  • Behave properly with other users on webcam.
  • Never abuse any user during video chat.
  • Always follow chatroulette term of conditions.

Still if you have problem, you can try video chat sites like omegle and sites like chatroulette for video chat. Hope, you have found helpful information in article. Don’t forget to share it, if you enjoyed the article.


  1. In chatroulette alternative there are no so much perverts like in chatroulette or another clones, but it’s moderated. If you behave decently, you don’t need to find how to be unbanned.

    • thanks!! this is perfect and worked for me i am now unbanned from all chatroulettes and some flash game i was playing tribal wars as a bonus

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