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Chatango! There is no two ways that this site is all about chatting but the latter part of its name signifies that there is some tangy twist to it. It is simple and user friendly and just the perfect place for those who are looking out for someone to listen to them.Everyone out there is hunting for friends, hunting literally. If this wasn’t the case, there would definitely have been some constraint on to whom we can talk to and to whom we cannot. Just anyone and everyone can ping you. This might even get annoying sometimes.

In the peak hours, you get to have 20-30 people trying to chat with you. Although you can block people or add them to your friends list but that barely makes any difference.

Chatango free live chat
The site says anyone of the age 13 or above can use it but there is no confirmation link or mail made mandatory to have a check on it. Additionally, anyone can just enter a random mail id and get through it.
This is the worst thing one can expect because this can harm one’s security and privacy, both. Parents should keep a check that their children do not join it.

The thought of the programmer must have been to provide you with friends from different countries under one roof but now if he happens to login himself and see what things some people seek here, he would block it forever. The obscene profile pictures and that language some people use get the hell out of someone sensible enough who actually signed up to make friends.

There is no regulation to anything. Some people look for ‘too nice‘ talks, video calling and what not but this chat site is at least better than those video chat sites where everything seems to happen in a far open and dangerous way.

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