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There happen to be hundreds of cam chat sites available on the web these days. Out of so many of them prevailing and every second looking similar to the previous one, it can become difficult for you to choose from the lot.To help you out, there are thousands of reviews for these hundreds of sites which you might want to refer before going for any of them. Well this is not just a review but a strong insight for you to compare what you are looking for and what this site has for you. is one odd site out of many existing chat sites that offers best video quality and assures great experience for you to talk to friends or relatives or completely unknowns who can turn out to be friends later. What makes it unique is this assured quality and best of all it’s is free like almost all of them.

camchat live webcam roomsSo if this is also free with better quality assurance then of course you have to go for it. It provides text or voice chat as well. So you can get started to view other cam profiles even if you don’t have a webcam yourself.

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You must be 18 to login while there is no authentication procedure as such which is a boon and bane at the same time for kids and parents respectively. Just enter your name, age and gender and you would land among the pool of people who are looking for friends just like you.

Camchat connects you to almost every country or part of the world where there is the facility of internet. So by sitting at just one place you can make friends of different colors and countries and get to know about their culture and lives and share the best and worst parts of your lives or probably the things you could not share it with anyone around you know.

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Some friendships here do last lifelong although you cannot be too trusting and need to be aware that not many people are actually looking for friends. So, try out camchat and share your video chat experience via comment.


  1. Anonymous and frankie e. this is not a cam chat, its a blog where you can comment on the great articles being written. You may visit the site he is talking about, they have those there.

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