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Proper interaction and feedback from people is the key to happy blogging and healthy website business. Chat4free provides you what exactly is required to bring life to your website. All that you need is a mere code which you could use and chat room would be added to your site.

The chat rooms would not only include the basic discussion feature but also features like private messages, photo upload, smilies, file sending, custom backgrounds and what not. One can keep a name of his choice and make the chat room secure by making it password protected. The chat rooms can be customized and made attractive to suit your website. There is the option for audio and video chat as well.

chat4free chat roomsBesides providing you with a separate chat room for your site or blog, the chat4free itself has chat rooms where you can find all those rooms you would see on other chat sites but with better features.

There are many forums on the site as well. You can also look for dates or partners in your city to hang around to make a boring Sunday afternoon or a regular Friday night quite interesting.

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Anyone with a Flash compatible browser can have fun in these chat rooms all free of cost or any kind of signup or registration. Unlike few other sites which require you to become the member first and then allows you to use certain extra features besides basic features, chat4free allows you can enjoy all the features right from day one. The code for your site for embedding the chat room is also free of cost without any hidden charges.

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