How to Use Yahoo Messenger – Online Chat with Friends

Ever since Facebook and Whats app messenger have arrived people have immensely switched over them because they are easily accessible without much of downloading. But for the people who have used yahoo messenger online even once would know its beauty.The real essence of yahoo messenger is known only to the people who were born in 1980s and early 90s. When almost everything is turned into an app there are still many people around who do not use smart phones.

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yahoo messenger onlineFor them the chatting still simply means yahoo messenger. So, if you do not wish to have yahoo messenger installed in your system or phone, you can get to use it online directly.
Just click on this link,, sign in and there you go. There may be a possibility that you have your old school or college mates in one IM like yahoo messenger and new friends in some other, in such a case you do not need to worry about copying or synching contacts from one IM to other.

You can also have access to multiple IM’s chat accounts through some sites which provide you with multiple logins concurrently. Some of these web application you should explore in such needs are Meebo, ebuddy, and Kool IM etc. Meebo and ebuddy are widely used because of user-friendliness and better features than others.

So, now without even downloading the online yahoo messenger, you can login directly and have access to the chats with old and new time friends and colleagues. Now that you have a solution for multiple IMs too, you can have the best of all free chatting messengers clubbed at one place that too directly through the browser.

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