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Have been searching for chatting sites from a long, but could not get any? Stop wasting your time on searching; simply head over to ‘Buzzen‘. It is an online chatting cum social networking site where thousands of people come online daily to communicate with each other and make new friends.In order to use this amazing site, you need to be its member. You can signup using your Facebook account. After doing so, you are taken to the homepage which is very well-designed.  On the homepage, you are shown list of popular chat rooms.

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You can join them to start chatting with other users. You can find more chat rooms by heading over to the ”Chatrooms” tab. You can send open messages in the chat room. You can also do private chat with any particular user available in your chat room. In private chat, you can send text messages, can start voice chat, and video chat as well.

There is a tab named ‘Blogs‘ which lies left to ‘Chatrooms‘. In the ‘Blogs‘ tab, you can check out the blog posts made by other users, and can make your own blog posts as well. Apart from these tabs, there is tab named ‘Spacedom‘. It lets you show the world who you really are! There you can upload your photos, can write a blog entry, can add your favorite YouTube videos and can do lot more other things.

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When you click on ‘Buzzen Social‘ tab, the site becomes a complete social networking site, where you can browse profiles of people, can add them friends and can do lot more.

Buzzen is a completely free chatting cum social networking site. You should give it a try right away!


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  1. I love it when chat rooms sites have the ability to allow you to connect using your facebook and twitter accounts. It comes in very handy.

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