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Video chatting is the best way to communicate with your friends and relatives over the web. This is due to increasing trend of video chatting only, because of which we are seeing many video chatting sites running currently. Well, all video chatting sites don’t do what they claim. Such sites are meant to waste your time only. But thanks to FaceFlow which does the same what it says.FaceFlow is one of the leading sites to do video chatting online with your loving beings. It does not allow to do one-to-one video chats, but also allows you to do do group video chat in which you can have with up to 4 people at same time. Apart from the video chatting, you can also have text and audio chat.

Using the FaceFlow is very easy. All thanks goes to simple and intuitive user interface of the site. Here’s how to use FaceFlow to chat with your friends.

•    First of all, point your browser to FaceFlow.com.
•    You need to sign up first so as to use the service. The sign up process is simple, fast and free. So do it.
•    Once you have signed up, you can start using the website to have chat with your friends.
•    Of course, to have chat with your friend, you need to add him/her to your contact list.
faceflow random video chat•    For this, you can search the contacts by clicking on ‘Add a Contact‘  option. Here you can search contacts by Full Name, Username and Email.
•    Once you get the contact that you wish to add, just click on ‘Add as Friend‘. The request will be sent, on the acceptance of which, you will be able to do chat with that contact. Yeah, any type of chat- text, audio and video.
•    If you wish to chat with random people or in open chat room, then you should click on ‘Meet New People‘. By default, this option is not given to you. You need to enable it by going to the Settings section of your account. Don’t worry! It’s free.
•    After enabling this option, you will find ‘Meet New People‘ option that lies right to the ‘Add a Contact’. So, click on this newly created option. It will open two options- ‘Public Chat room‘ and ‘Random Chat‘.
•    If you want to chat in an open chat room, then click on ‘Public Chat rooms‘. There you can do text, audio and video chat with other contacts available in the chat room.
•    If you want to do chat with random people, the people whom you don’t know at all, then simply click on ‘Random Chat’. There the random contacts will be loaded, just like Omegle. The only difference is that here you can add stranger as friend, and can have chat anytime. You can even do video chatting with random contact.
•    You can change your availability from online to ‘Away’, ‘Do Not Disturb’ or even ‘Offline’, by clicking on the down arrow on your user name that lies at the extreme right side of the page, and then selecting the appropriate option there.

FaceFlow is nothing less than a boon for all those out of you who want to do video chat with friends or strangers. So what are you waiting for? Start using the FaceFlow straightaway!

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