Banned From Omegle: How to Get Unbanned Ip

Omegle is the most popular video chat platform to talk with Online strangers. Recently, omegle introduced a new feature which monitored video chat and banned spammers from omegle. So, better to keep you clothes on and behave properly with online users while video chatting.

But, it may be possible omegle banned your IP without any reason. Whatever be the reason, you want to get rid of banned from omegle. So, I have visited different sites and collected some tips on how to get unbanned from omegle.

Method 1 : We have posted about how to remove Chatroulette ban in our blog. This method is also valid for omegle.

Method 2 :

unbanned from omegle

Change ip address to get unbanned

  • If your internet connection has dynamic ip, then you can change ip by resetting your modem.  simply remove all cables from your modem and reconnect them after a minute.
  • Instead, you can change ip address from configuration setting of modem.

Method 3: 

Send Feedback to omegle Staff

You can send feedback to omegle’s staff. Ask them, why they have banned you from omegle. Also, Request them to remove ban from omegle. Hope, These methods worked for you. If its not worked, try other sites like omegle.


  1. Changing the IP did not help. I was using a PPP connection and I did a reset on the IP and still said you are banned. I was confused that how can they identify the MAC even though I am connecting through PPP. :/

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