Xat Chat: Create Your Own Chat Rooms

Xat Chat is popular fun social networking site that lets you to chat with strangers and make friends online. This site has got the best chat box with it and you can enter into any chat group to have chat with other users already present in the group.

The site has gained too much popularity in small time and is still following the uptrend.  The feature that has made it a popular chatting network is that it allows you to create your own chat box or group. You can then share this group or box with your friends on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace etc.

The best feature of the app, that is creating your own chat box or chat group is damn simple. You just need to click on the option of creating it and then to follow the onscreen instructions.

xat chat rooms

You can choose any of available backdrops or can also upload any picture to use it in your chat group or box. Many users have created the groups on Xat resulting the count of groups in ‘Xat.com‘ to be in multiple of hundreds.

The groups are categorized into categories like ‘Popular’, ‘Featured’ etc so as to make it easy for you to have fun at its extreme level while chatting in groups. The ‘Search‘ feature lets you know what stories are going among the users about any specific keyword/topic.

The site does not require you to go through any downloading or sign-up process, but you are required to register in order to create your own chat group or box.

You can buy or sell groups and other stuff in exchange of site’s own virtual currency ‘Xats‘. The ‘Widgets‘ and ‘Applications‘ section contain some interesting widgets and apps to use on your blog/website or on your Windows PC/Laptop.

Check It Out:  xat.com

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