Tipitty: Chatroulette Espanol – Spanish Video Chat Service

Tipitty is another interesting video chat service which is primarily focused for Spanish speakers. Tipitty contents are written in Spanish language, but I don’t understand Spanish.So, I used google translator to understand its basic features. After converting Spanish to English, I have found that features of tipitty are exactly similar to Chatroulette.

Like other video chat services, you need to click the “connect” button to start video conversation. Also, its terms of service says that you must be over 21 to use this service. Any obscene and offensive leads to be ban the user.

tipitty chat

I have tried this website and found plenty of online users in webcam. Counting of online users is not big like omegle, but you can try this website for Free.

You can send text message while video chatting. So, It is similar to other chat services available on internet.


If you loved to talk in Spanish, then tipitty is a cool place to get Spanish speakers. Most of the users are Spanish, so try it if you know Spanish. What you waiting for, check out this service and let us know How it works?

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