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The website Chat4 has a plethora of different chat rooms, including but not limited to teens, non-white cultures, gay/lesbians, and even role-play. The various categories offer plenty of options for people who are looking for a place to chat.

The categories allow for people to choose a common interest that they may share with potential conversation partners. The range that Chat4 offers is interesting and unique. The homepage that greets you is easy to navigate, and the pictures a good demonstration of what to expect.

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When selecting a chat, such as “Teenager Chat” it brings you to a list of rules before choosing a username to log into the room with the rules are all generally the same depending on what the chat’s topic is; however, each room has its own specific rules for the subject. For example, teenagers are supposed to be the only intended users in such a chat, and to talk about subjects that may interest other teens.


Conversation topics such as adult orientated activities are restricted. If such a thing is mentioned, it will result in the user being banned from the room. The chats themselves are set up in a fairly straightforward fashion. There are options to see your fellow users in the chat and to see their information that’s been provided.

The option to create an account on the chat room is always there, particularly if you would prefer the website to remember all of your information instead of having to re-type in your username. This also prevents other people from taking your username and decreases the chances impersonation, since the username will not be able to be used if not logged in

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The chats such as “Asian Chat,” “Black Chat,” and “Latin Chat” open the doors to new possibilities for people of colour to talk to others from both diverse and similar backgrounds from their own cultures and personal histories.

There is a lot of opportunity for people to meet new friends and bond over a large selection of varied topics, especially ones that are dependent on your identity.

Overall, the website has really good ideas and a nice foundation to begin from this particular host of chat rooms also has room to improve if desired. For example, if there were also moderators that were in the chat room most of the time to encourage conversation or to ensure that the rules were being followed would be a fantastic plus.

The administration of Chat4 has done a wonderful job with it’s simple and easy to use set up and varying categories.

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