Best 5 Free chat apps for Your Smartphone

Chatting is getting high praise among the youngsters as maximum chat apps on web become available for free or with a minimum yearly renewal charges.More and more integrations are being done to satisfy tech freak young mass. All the apps cater on almost all Smartphones of android, Windows, iOS, Symbian, Bada, iphone etc.

best chat appsBest Five Free Chat Apps on Web:

1) WhatsApp

Cross platform messaging and chatting app established in 2009 by veterans of Yahoo! Notwithstanding ordinary chat and instant messaging, one can trade pictures, music, videos and other media messages over mobile internet or associating with Wi-Fi. You can call it best chat app for smartphone.

Its notoriety fundamentally rose manifolds that some individuals even began saying WhatsApp has done same to SMS what Skype did to universal approaching landline (provided its free).

whatsapp chat application

Dissimilar to BBM administration of Blackberry, its accessible on numerous and just about every stage like Windows, IOS, Symbian, Blackberry and its free on numerous OS additionally paid in some of them. Characteristics like gathering chat and sharing location and status has additionally done marvels to this application.


2) Viber

It is a restrictive cross platform for live chat, messaging and voice over internet protocol intended for Blackberry, Windows, Mac, Android, ios, Symbian, BADA and as of late propelled its desktop variant which adjusts your contacts from your smartphone gadget and permits client to chat through desktop without utilizing the smartphone.

It has 200 million clients worldwide which deals with both Wifi and 3g. At first propelled for iPhone in December 2010 in rivalry to Skype, it tremendously got prevalent over numerous platforms which had characteristics like live group chat service and calling which was restricted to iPhone and Android with the guarantee to make it conceivable on different OS also.

viber chat app

The characteristics incorporate trade of texts, pictures and feature messaging with legitimately laid UI in type of access to messages, call logs, contact and keypad. It is accessible in 30 languages like English, Arabic, French, Farsi, Italian, Spanish, German and a lot of people more.


3) Line

Line chat app was built for Android and iOS phones; its enlargement is presently accessible to windows phone and desktops likewise. Blackberry rendition was made accessible in October 2012. As of now 150 million clients are utilizing this live chat app which permits texting, trade of pictures, sound messages and even completely clear voice brings over internet just free of charge in excess of 230 nations.

line app

Contrasted with different apps, Line has better effort regarding trading messages in beautiful text style with a choice of utilizing emotions and stickers. It likewise emphasizes a timetable to show the most recent redesigns from companion loop which permits you to remark on them. A great app for text lovers who like to stay joined with individuals around them with super cool characteristics.


4) WeChat App

This application was outlined in China for stages like Symbian, Windows telephone, Android and ios with various dialect help and obliges any system of 2g, 3g, 4g or even Wifi. Characteristics like hold-to-talk voice informing, show informing, feature, photograph and location sharing is possible from this new application.

we chat app

It’s quick, dependable and constantly on with super clear voice clarity, IM’s inside a gathering, visiting with the individuals adjacent you (in extent of your gadget), and true walkie-talkie mode with 40 companions and impart your portraits, remark on every one of them free of charge and its all simple. Each application is comparable yet has unique character joined to it which makes it a win. We chat executes that cleverly.


5) Nimbuzz Messenger

Free messages and calls might be made through this messenger by utilizing internet with different features like ease voice calling, boundless trade of messages and file sharing between distinctive platforms like Blackberry, Android, ios and Windows for portable. It is one of most downloaded chat room apps.

Combination of Facebook, Gtalk and Yahoo! Messenger is given at whatever time and free. Your address book might be utilized to impart pictures, texts and video clips and this app registers 150 million client and turn out to be a hit in its class.

nimbuzz calling app

HD voice calls, Group chat, Chat rooms, free push notifications and offline notifications are other amazing features gave in this video chat app. Client can utilize custom wallpaper, landscape mode and chat history.


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