Zumbl.com - Another facebook in making?

Facebook has been one the most humbling success of the last decades when it comes down to the '.com bubble'. Zumbl.com, a chat site to chat with strangers meaningfully, seems to be on a similar path. Not only both of them started within the dormitories, after the nerdy founders felt the absence of such a product in their real lives, both of them have something much more in common they are trying to get anyone, and everyone to get hooked on to their platforms.

Abhishek(20) and Saurabh(19), technology aficionados from IIT Delhi, the leading institute of India decided to dive into this space of networking with strangers 6 months back,with their product that they named as Zumbl, and decided to give a blow to sites like Omegle, Chatroulette, Rounds.com and Airtime which allow users to chat random.

zumblJust like facebook, Zumbl was an instant hit. In a short span of a few months, over 1 lac users from 180 nations worldwide had already exchanged over 2 million messages on the site.

And all of this with null expenditure on marketing! An year back, facebook launched the novel graph search to allow users to search for friends or friends of friends with a particular interest, Zumbl decided to go a step ahead of it. “Ever wanted to talk to an entrepreneur based in Israel, a zumba trainee in Cuba or a tea lover from India?

Then Zumbl is the place to be at.”, says Abhishek. “We are creating a platform where one can discover new and interesting people, their lifestyle and culture.

We are opening new windows of opportunities to allow users to talk about any specific topic like feminism in Islam or Relationships or how to be a part of a NGO. We are dedicated to the idea of building a place where you can engage in meaningful conversations and have fun at the same time.”

On being asked about their comparison to giants like facebook, Saurabh said "Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social network but how easy is it, in reality to contact someone who isn’t your friend on facebook?

Sending a facebook message to someone you don't know on facebook, is creepy even if you have spent a dollar on it. And that is where Zumbl comes 1 into the picture."Zumbl is not just about chatting, its a gamified platform where users have their own profile with tags they received from other users they interact with and an avatar. "Avatars on Zumbl have a utility value, give a unique identity to each user as they evolve based on the tags they receive", said Shinja, the design ninja of Zumbl.

Users can also have random chats with strangers having similar interests based on their list of favorite hobbies, songs and movies. They have different groups for passionate entrepreneurs, for the curious ones who are interested in psychology , for those who have a taste for music , for the bloggers who have the power of words, for the gamers and for all those who are not engineers.

They are now launching 6 new groups on popular requests. These are Foodie, Traveller, Movie lovers, Sports, Spirituality and LGBT. “ The platform is currently credit based where a user gets virtual credits based on his behavior and he/she can spend them on using the different features on the site.”,informed Chaitali who handles Marketing and Communications.

Unlike other anonymous portals, Zumbl has a transparent moderation. The moderation on the site is done by the top Zumblrs ( A term coined by the users themselves to show their love for Zumbl.) According to their latest stats report, Zumbl is adding a new user every 90 seconds with every chat session starting every 10 seconds. For a startup still in it’s alpha stage, this amount of traction is really brilliant. They have recently launched their app on android and iPhone.

Zumbl so far atleast, has been able to maintain a very good culture on their site sans profanity and abusive behavior as can be witnessed on other stranger chatting portals. The question ,if Zumbl will be able to change the ecosystem of interactions between strangers, will be answered soon in the coming future.
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LolliChat - Chatroulette & Omegle Style Chat

LolliChat is another site like omegle and chatroulette to chat with strangers. It is not popular like omegle and chatroulette but you will get enough online users to pass boring time.

LolliChat is a completely free video chat website which randomly selects the online users and let you do text and video chatting instantly. It has all features of good webcam based sites.

lollichat video chatTo chat at Lollichat, you need not create any account. It is a completely free to access. First you have to allow Lollichat to access your webcam to show your face online on webcam.

Simply you need to click the "start" button to begin conversation. Also, there is "stop" button to stop chat and "next" button to connect with next stranger. Recently lollichat.com announced a new feature which enables you to report about any users.

  • Completely Free chat service.
  • No account registration required.
  • Both video and text with onine users.
  • Random video chat with strangers.
In case omegle and chatroulette is not working, Lollichat is a nice place to hangout with online girls and guys from all around the world.
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Chatroulette: Video Chat With Random Girls and Boys

Chatroulette is the most popular video chat website which let you talk to stranger from around the globe. Chatroulette is supposed to be the best omegle alternative or even better. Similar to omegle, chatroulette randomly select the online users from around the world. At a time, you can find thousands of random strangers.

 Like other random chat service, it has "next" button to proceed to other user. Auto reconnects and auto start function allows your webcam to connect automatically. Also, you can enable or disable audio and chat sounds. If you are looking for alternative website then give try to chat sites like chatroulette to find more people.

Chatroulette Video Chat

To start video chat, you need to Click "start" button and have to allow the website to access your web camera. Chatroulette randomly select the online people and let you video chat with the user. Also, there is "stop" button if you want to resume your chatting.

Features :
  • Chat to strangers and meet new people from around the world.
  • No registration and choosing room required.
  • Instant random video chat with online users.
  • You draw anything on screen during chatting
Chatroulette premium 

You have to buy token for premium membership at chat roulette. You have to pay 10$ for 100 premium connection and 50$ for 500 premium connections.

Chatroulette forum

Chatroulette is an open forum where you can post any idea and complaint. You can rate other post as good or bad. So give a try to such cool website and make new online friends. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.
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Omegle - Talk to strangers online

Omegle is the most famous video chat service to talk with online strangers from around the world. To use omegle, simply you need to press "start a chat" button. After pressing a button, omegle pick another online user randomly and let you have face to face video conversion with one another. Chatting with online users are completely anonymous and there is no need to register an account.

omegle random chat

It may possible that you don’t like person in webcam. To get rid from that person, there is an option to disconnect. Simply you need to click disconnect and you will get connected to any other user. If you are looking girls for chatting, then try trick to find omegle girls . Omegle does not have control on behavior of any online user, so use this service at own risk and do not use this service if you are under 13.

Omegle has Following Features:
  • Completely free service, no registration required.
  • Instantly video chatting with random users.
  • It has an option for both text and video chat.
  • It has CAPTCHA to stop spam message.
  • omegle mobile site for you phone or tablet.
omegle chat online
Omegle spy mode
Spy mode allows connecting three online users. One user asks a question and other two discuss with one another. The person who asks the question acts as observer.

Meet strangers with common interests

To meet user of common interest, you need to allow omegle to access your facebook account. Spy mode use the facbook likes and profile information to match the people of common interest. Also, you can try Omegle alternative websites.

If you are getting bored and searching other similar websites, then try biggest list of sites like omegle on internet. So, share this post and take advantage of these cool websites and do fun with online users.

Omegle World is another part of omegle which has list of country wise sites. It is a cool way to chat with own country people.

Omegle Indonesia is site created to chat with online Indonesian girls and Guys.

We have also covered a post on Omegle for Usa and France where you can chat with people of Us and France.

Omegle Australia is another popular part of omegle to chat with Australian Girls and guys. All branch wise sites allows you to chat in both text and video mode.

Omegle Canada is another Famous branch of omegle to talk with Canadian People.

Omegle Uk is another part of omegle to random text and video chat with girls and guys of united Kingdom.
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Chatango.com - Add Free Live Chat to any web page

Chatango! There is no two ways that this site is all about chatting but the latter part of its name signifies that there is some tangy twist to it. It is simple and user friendly and just the perfect place for those who are looking out for someone to listen to them.

Everyone out there is hunting for friends, hunting literally. If this wasn’t the case, there would definitely have been some constraint on to whom we can talk to and to whom we cannot. Just anyone and everyone can ping you. This might even get annoying sometimes.

 In the peak hours, you get to have 20-30 people trying to chat with you. Although you can block people or add them to your friends list but that barely makes any difference.


The site says anyone of the age 13 or above can use it but there is no confirmation link or mail made mandatory to have a check on it. Additionally, anyone can just enter a random mail id and get through it. This is the worst thing one can expect because this can harm one’s security and privacy, both. Parents should keep a check that their children do not join it.

The thought of the programmer must have been to provide you with friends from different countries under one roof but now if he happens to login himself and see what things some people seek here, he would block it forever. The obscene profile pictures and that language some people use get the hell out of someone sensible enough who actually signed up to make friends.

There is no regulation to anything. Some people look for ‘too nice’ talks, video calling and what not but this chat site is at least better than those video chat sites where everything seems to happen in a far open and dangerous way.

Link : Chatango.com
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SpinChat: Free Chat and Dating Site Online

You might be having a big list of  chat websites that let you chat online with others without even registration, right? What's the use of such sites if they can't help you to make new friends? If you are using such sites, then you are just wasting your time, nothing else! Better stop using them and head over to Spinchat.com .

Spinchat is an online community where you can make new friends, can chat with them, can send or receive personal messages, can play games online and can do lot more other things. This site is completely free to use. You only need to go through a simple and free registration process to gain access to all features offered by Spinchat.

Check: 99chats - Free Chat Rooms online

Using the Spinchat is very simple. Once you have filled the registration form and have confirmed the email address that you provided during registration, then you are free to use any feature of this site. The first tab in the dashboard of your account is 'Topics'. It lets you search for people based on Topics. It also lets you find the blog posts and groups related to any particular topic.

 The next tab is 'People' which lets you search for people by using various filters such as Age, Gender, Location etc. You can enter into various available chat rooms by clicking on 'Chat' tab. If you wish to play games with other users, then just click on 'Games' and fulfill your wish.

Don't MissBuzzen - Free Chat Rooms Online

Spinchat is an incredible online community which works as one stop spot to chat with people, make new friends, play games with them etc. Best part is that it is totally free. Filling a simple registration form to gain access to all these aforementioned features is not a big deal, is it?

I would recommend Spinchat to all those people who are looking to spend nice time on the web. If you are such person, then do give Spinchat.com a try straightaway!

Link: www.spinchat.com
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Hotmail: Login and Sign up Instructions

We have written many helpful login related articles in our blog. You can check out posts on Imvu login and mocospace login. Today, I am going to post about Hotmail login and signup Instructions. This information gives you an idea about Hotmail service.

Hotmail is the most popular email service of Microsoft, which has features similar to Gmail. Many new users get confused about Hotmail and window live. Actually, both live id and Hotmail id belongs to same service. Hotmail.com login page automatically redirected to mail.live.com page. You can create and use username in @hotmail.com and @live.com formats.

Now Hotmail is renamed with modern email service called outlook. Outlook is also belongs to same service. Hence, Hotmail id, window id and outlook id belongs to same email service.
So it means you can login your Hotmail account from three places.

hotmail login

  • www.hotmail.com
  • www.outlook.com
  • www.login.live.com
These were the login pages for Hotmail, outlook and window live which belongs to same email service. One thing I have noticed that you will redirected to www.login.live.com page.

Like Gmail, Hotmail id can be used to access Bing, Microsoft and window services. It has also single code feature which let you do Hotmail sign in without putting your password.

Hotmail sing up Instructions

1. From your computer, open official window website from mail.live.com link.

2. At the end of the page, open the "signup now" Link.

3. You have to complete small registration form. In this registration form, you have to enter name, birth date, and select your gender.

4. Enter available Microsoft account name and select any of one end part from @hotmail.com and @live.com and fill remaining information. Now your account will be ready to use.

Hope, You understood the Hotmail login and sign up problems and instructions. Still if you have problems, let us know via comment. We will try to resolve your problem.
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